Monday, August 11, 2008

Who am I?

Tonight was the UFO finale, which is the eve of the starting of schooling. The seniors talked about a lot of things which surprisingly wasn't boring. It was nice that msl had developed so nicely and we even had international friends along with us on the steamboat night on Singapore's national day.

One of the speeches reminded me of what am I doing in Uni, Who I wanna be in Uni. Then by the good graces of Lucas, I was introduced as the Olympian. As a result, most of the remarks I got was about my Olympian status which btw I can't join anymore since I'm in a Uni and will be 20 by next year July, so don't say next time get gold to me lah. Oh well, at least there's Rubik's remarks and personal remarks as well. Thanks everybody!

This reminded me of who I wanna be in Uni. So far I had only remained low profile or at least lower than I could have been(until someone tell me to talk more). lol. It's not that I'm not ready for Uni, It's more like I'm extremely tired after the busy UFO to UKM to Vietnam (distributing at lease 300 over name card) to Petaling Jaya (home) to NUS again to matriculate and CORS bidding (which I think if I could get some USP senior guiding me, I could be having 6 modules this sem but as it is, I will settle for 5, 2 Physics 1 maths 1 USP 1 SPS) but oh well, suddenly there's nothing else to do. no one to tell me what I must do next and yet so many events, opportunity to join anything, so many things even before the start of the sem.

So I struggled through this 11 days since 31st July until now doing lots of things and not doing lots of things. I talked to a physics professor about taking more than 6 modules, we agreed on looking at my results for this sem. So I can only settle for talking more than 6 modules at the fastest by next sem. I read 2 books of Issac Asimov, on his foundation series of which now I have 2 more to finish the 7 book series. I joined msl on lots of activities they have, all informal and fun and sometimes can involve lots of people! I had done lots of things online and offline too.

So now I'll say what I didn't do. I didn't had the time or motivation to play the numerous games in my laptop, I didn't see much tv, I didn't print out lecture notes despite the first day of lecture is tomorrow. I didn't read the relativity and cosmology books I borrowed 5 days ago. I didn't read the nus student guide, I hadn't explore finish the nus website or read it all, I hadn't gone thought to which module(one by one) I would like to have,I hadn't check out all the societies of NUS I would like to join, I hadn't organise my room, I hadn't done post IPhO clean up or report. I only helped out a little for the rag for USP and Science. I didn't joined the SOW Science Orientation Week. I didn't think about what am I doing here.

So it's time for me to get Orientated, It's time for me to power up, to use all the experience I had in UKM, in IPhO, in Form 6, in all the trainings that I had been through. All my life, Was for this, So I'm gonna Super Saiyan 1 for tomorrow. Going up more if needed. But now... sleep............


Anonymous said...

son great post on yr block ..but do not be too greedy to take more module ... take the middle path ..
let see ... yr next title of yr block should be " gratitute" who , what , why , how ... guess many people hv one way or another help you in yr journey of success... time to give recognition to those who care..

斐卡特 F3chArD said...

Haha... You sure can do it! It's good to have positive thinking in this stage. Jz here to pump some oil in ur tanks, If u think u can do it, U CAN!! GanBatte!!

芸芸 said...
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