Sunday, August 17, 2008

SPS camp!

I just came back from a 2 days 2 nights camp at SPS room and Changi beach. Well not exactly come back, I'm still at SPS room, fresh from Changi beach. Well, of all the camps I went that requires me to sleep under a tent, this is the one that offers on suffering at all. It must be my experience as a scout that I can compare this. It also means that scout camps are generally made harder than it could have been.

I am taking 6 modules this sem. 2 Physics, 1 Maths, 2 USP and 1SPS. Now I'm doing my homework for the USP Writing and Critical Thinking module. On a topic called " News and the Public". LAter tonight I'll have to come for the MSL meeting to organize a sports day event for msl, I'm the Programme Head for the com.


mum said...

this is a good module to train you up as a team leader keep up and enjoy yr days

mum said...

by the way what is sps and usp?
kindly decode-lah