Thursday, March 26, 2009

52.5 Hours worked from Monday 12a.m. to Thursday 11:30p.m.

So far I have been pushing myself to do a lot of homework and attending lectures. So in the time of 95.5 hours, I have spend about 52.5 hours studying. That's more than 13 hours per day. It seems that I still have some space for improvement, but the remaining 11 hours per day is simply not enough to sustain myself. Now I'm feeling a lot sleepy and still I got to finish up my homeworks.
It's endless. I like this kind of feeling, the end of sem seems to go very fast, but I don't want it to pass that soon. Soon it'll be 8 months since I've been a University student. Time passes very fast here.

Just got a cup of coffee this evening, and going to drink some more. It's been a while since I had to drink coffee. From what I have just read, it's not too harmful to drink coffee once in a while. So busy week, here I finish you up!

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