Friday, March 27, 2009

Module review

Just thinking of reviewing the modules that I'm currently taking.

ES1301: The most unwanted module, english. It has no MC and yet you need to pass it. Strangely enough, it's one of the few modules that I really enjoy the 2 hours in the class. The class size keeps on increasing with time, from 6 to more than 12.

MA1506: Not just another maths module, this one teaches us MATLAB and the tutorials are quite something compared to MA1505.

PC1143, PC1144: The two heavy core modules that I know almost everything about already. If it wasn't because of Mastering Physics and Labs, I would have gotten much more time to concentrate on other modules.

PC2130: The QM 1 module, looks tough, but it's quite easy and little once you get used to the maths. One of the modules that I really need to keep my head about to understand and follow what's being taught. I really enjoy the feeling of paying full attention towards my teacher.

USS2105: The lightest half a module ever! Some boring talks, some interesting talks. But the response paper is not something to simply write about.

UIT 2203: The LEGO module, and the module with only 13 people, the least amongst my modules, really simple enginnering concepts but it's easy to miss a few marks in the exam if you aren't paying full attention. Wish I can spend more time doing the LEGO too.

SP2171: The killer module!!!!!!!! my senior said that it's practically 2 and a half modules. Now I'm doing the report and it's not easy. But I'm glad to be in SPS anyway. learned a lot. But wished I had spend more time here too.

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