Friday, January 29, 2010

Make War or Make Love with Exams? (18SX) Bewarned

I've just realized, after watching Universal Soldier: Regeneration, how violent I am......... towards my academics that is.

I was imagining me beating up Physics, my modules one by one and other commitments like how the Universal Soldier is. Just unmercifully, ruthlessly, and using brute force. I think it somehow kinda linked with how some people say exam warfare. That we, as students have many wars to go, the biggest ones are the Final exams! And that we'll survive through the war, just as a hero or as a wounded soldier, it all depends on our preparations. And as a hero will receive a good reward: high pay, and a wounded soldier has to live his life dealing with his deformations.

It started since we were in UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM.... and Uni life and so on....there's only so many wars one can go through in one's life without getting disinterested in it, disliking it, and even hate it! No wonder there are some people want to go work early, and no wonder the majority of the people regard graduate students as insane people. And no wonder PhD=permanent head damage. The problem of calling exams as wars is that that will cause people to take up the attitude of a soldier, we don't have to like what we study, as long as we master the enemy (study) , we know the battle field (exam techniques), and keep a cool head (calm), we'll ace this thing.

And thereafter the society clamors for straight As student, feed-backing to them that exam is everything in a student's life. "You don't have to love the subject, just be good in the subject. You can hate it, you can make your life miserable, just get me As in the exams." That's what students in general got from their parents, teachers, friends.......

All these I denounce!

There's a better way! To make love with the things that you're studying with, whether you choose the subject for yourself or not. Imagine this: you're given a wive and many mistress to sleep with (sorry male domination here, if you're female please imagine the opposite like having many husbands etc... and if you're uncomfortable with this kinda topic, pick something you like, for example: video games) . You naturally wanted to know more about everyone of them, if possible everything about them. How to court them, how to make them happy, what they look like, what's in their wardrobe? What kind of clothes they like to wear? How to think like them?

You want to love them, to care for them, and finally when the Finals comes, you're going to have sleep with them. So that's when you know what to say during the intercourse, what to do and what not to do, what to think of and how to relate to them. Because you know them before hand (Study), and you practiced with them a few times (Exam techniques), and you keep a cool head because you know what to do.

I'm sure it's easy to translate the above to video games, or comic readings, or paintings or just about any other skills. I just choose the making love thingy to attract more readers. Please note that I'm in no way promoting sexual activities or sleeping with more than one person at a time literally. You got to read it beyond the meanings and see the connections towards changing your feelings towards studying.

And now that you get the idea, you can start to change your attitude towards the subject your studying now. Love them, by liking them first. Like them, by not disliking them. Not dislike them by not hating them. Not hating them by using the technique I highlighted above.

And so I finally know why my wive, Physics, been ignoring me for so long, and why I don't get the passion of learning physics that much anymore. I got to start to care for her, love her, look at her in the eye and fall in love once again, and not strike her anymore. So whenever you think of your work, job, studies, and you feel like another sigh coming through, and another burst of energy to go through it, Stop. Stop and spread loving-kindness to the job, work, subject at hand then. Stop and see it in a different light, stop disliking them, start liking them, start loving them. And see the change.

P.S. Opps, just realized that I may have introduced to many a young students the world of 18SX...... but I think it is still healthy to them. In fact it can be said as the most healthy of them all!


Anonymous said...

Hung: Dear Xin Zhao, with love you must also learn to believe. That is, after years after years together, your love have been tested and shown to be reliable.. Whenever bad things happen , when you feel tired and want to leave it, you still believe that it'll soon be over, because it's not the first time you struggle with it.

You get what I mean?

Ng Xin Zhao said...

I've never feel that I wanted to leave physics. Never.

hariom said...

So have you started spreading your loving kindness?