Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is another Wednesday!

Wow, today what a fruitful and varied day it is. From 12a.m. to 4a.m. in the morning, I've watched the big bang theory, selected a scene for my presentation, compose the meditation participants list, done (partially) my particle Physics homework, and then I fall off to sleep until 9a.m. when I woke up and try to meditate a bit before being called up and rushing to my room and bath.

At 10a.m. this morning, William, my dear cousin, yes, William Goh came to Singapore and NUS! I accompanied him to my room to put down his bags, and then we went to SPS room for a little rest while I compile the list of people in meditation to give them SMS reminder. Then we went for luncheon and visiting the Science Coop and the Central Coop, where I spend my $20 voucher on chocolates and sweet foods. Then I've gone to Center for Quantum Technology to attend a talk by a 4th year student on black box tomography, and I wasn't fully blur about it, I kinda understand what he is saying! a vast improvement compared to last week!

Then at 3:00p.m. I went to buy a book for William and then gone to University Hall to attend a talk by Nathan Ball, an engineer turn entrepreneur who is eager to share the innovative culture of MIT to NUS and also sharing his experience!

After that, I sent William off to our uncle's home in Woodlands and then gone to make preparations for the night's meditation session. There were a lot of helpers and they are all eager to help! I feel so lucky to have them and the night's session went on smoothly and nicely, with 33 people satisfied and leaving with more understanding of Buddhism and meditation.

And after cleaning up at 9p.m. , I have stumbled upon the after party by RVR people and there're still loads of fffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee food left! And so I call some SPS people to come and take it back and share. Now it's still outside SPS and waiting for people to fill their stomach with it!

What I really want to share is that no matter how tough organizing a NUSBS activity is, no matter how mundane and seemingly not connected to Buddhism it is, it is the real training. The real training is not just to read the Dharma, to learn it and to teach it. It is also to apply it! The various processes of applying the room, getting helpers, organizing the participants, running the thing in general might be frustrating, and leave lots of room for negative emotions to arise, but in the training of the Dharma, we can identify when it arises, and deal with it as it does. We can also help in creating the conditions for the learning/teaching process to happen. So to everyone who's reading this, I highly recommend a Committee job in a Buddhist Society or temple, in order to train all that you've learned in the field! Like today, it's possible to organize an activity successfully, hang out with an old good lifelong cousin, attend to our personal seminars (physics and MIT), and have fun with SPS all in the same day!

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