Saturday, July 10, 2010

NUS Module Review: PC1142 Physics 2

Description:This module covers the fundamentals of two branches of physics: thermodynamics and optics. Its aim is to prepare students for a host of more advanced modules in these and related areas. Topics included in the part on thermodynamics are thermal processes and effects, the first and second laws, kinetic theory of gases, heat engines and entropy. The part on optics encompasses topics such as geometric optics, systems of lenses, optical instruments, interference, diffraction, grating and polarization. The module also has a practical component consisting of five experiments designed to enhance students' understanding of some of the concepts discussed in lectures. This module is targeted at science students who wish to acquire a working knowledge of thermodynamics and optics, and is an essential for physics majors.
2lecture hours per week
1tutorial hours per week
1lab hours per week
2hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc per week
4hours for preparatory work by a student per week

Personal Experience:
As before in Physics 1, since there's already 2 reviews here, I'll comment from the perspective of a student who had gone through IPhO training. If you had gone through a training similar or more rigorous than what I did, then you definitely earn the right to skip lectures. This module is very cool as it teaches the one most important thing: The second law of Thermodynamics! Don't miss it! But you already know the second law.

Teaching Staff:
Peter Ho is quite ok. To be alert at all times, buy sweets to eat when you are sleepy and sit in front.

The most troublesome thing is to do the reports and to remember which one are the test and exam dates, so that you don't miss it. Oh and the Mastering Physics online sections are easy, you can play a game while you're at it. Be sure to attend the tutorial if you want your A+, if you just want an A, then don't bother studying until the day before the exams. Do the tutorials before the exams too! It'll help you a lot more than mastering Physics.

There's something new to learn here, definitely more content and more detailed than the rush you went through in IPhO training. Ok fine to make it not too repetitive, I'll put more here: no need for textbooks!

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