Saturday, July 10, 2010

NUS Module Review: PC1143 Physics 3

Description:This module covers the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism: electric fields, electric flux and Gauss's law, electric potential; capacitance, dielectrics, current and resistance; DC circuits; magnetic fields, magnetic effect of currents, Ampere's law, electromagnetic induction; AC circuits; magnetism in matter; electromagnetic waves. The module also has a practical component consisting of five experiments designed to enhance students' understanding of some of the concepts discussed in lectures. This module is targeted at science students who wish to acquire a working knowledge in electricity and magnetism, and is an essential for physics majors.
2lecture hours per week
1tutorial hours per week
1lab hours per week
2hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc per week
4hours for preparatory work by a student per week

Personal Experience:
I like this class, one of the best! Get your basics right and you'll get an A in the exam! Train until you're perfect, then get an A+.

Teaching Staff:
I regretted skipping so many of Dr. Yeo Ye's lectures....He's such a good lecturer that you'll ask for more, and want for more! He brings demo lab stuff to illustrate the coolness of Physics and make the class more interesting! Andreas is also a cool guy, so don't ever skip his tutorial, it's one of the most fun tutorial you'll ever sit in! Together they screw the concepts into your head, and you'll know the basics for sure!

The quiz are not meant to be scored full, it's meant for you to know your weakness and to improve on it and not be so cocky. Mastering Physics may seem troublesome by now, but bear with it, cause it'll be the last sem you'll ever do it.

Although most of the things you might have learned in IPhO training, and the full form of Maxwell's equation has to wait for the next module, you can always find an interesting problem still. Like one time, they discussed a problem even until after the class ended.

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