Monday, June 18, 2012

How did NUSBS benefited me?

When I first came into NUSBS, I needed to relearn the Dharma. My first Camp with NUSBS gave me the clue I sought for: baby steps into the Dharma. The training of the noble 8 fold path is gradual, not sudden. With baby steps, I learned to be kind to myself. I learn to love the way I am, even when my mind generated one bad thought almost every second. I took one step at a time. 

There were always friends in NUSBS. Friends who tolerated who I really am with all my wierdness. They helped me in learning some basic social etiquttes, and only after I have been through half of my University life had I realised the importance of spiritual friendship and tried to be a friend to them too.

In NUSBS, I've learned right view, responsibility, loving-kindness and to be energetic in Dharma activities no matter how hard or tiring the journey gets. I've also learned to love, to let go, to be sensitive, to heal myself, to be wiser, to make and keep true friends and to let go. Again.

Finally, I've learn that meditation is not supposed to be suffering, it takes time to learn how to meditate properly, to live in the present moment and to breathe in and breathe out.

In short: gradual training, spiritual friends, let go and keep on practising.

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