Saturday, June 16, 2012

Responses for Yearbook

Please answer all of them, some of the responses will be put inside the yearbook. Thanks!! :)

Why do you wish to study Physics in the first place?
I want to know the deep secrets of the Universe. Inspired by Popular Science books and the International Physics Olympiad, I definitely know my major in University will be Physics. 

How do you feel about graduating from NUS?
Like normal. There is no significant change in the fabric of spacetime for this insignificant event. Ok more seriously, undergraduate education is as I suspected. Not enough. My quest for the secrets of the Universe goes on.

Where is your favourite hangout place in NUS? 
Special Programme in Science room. In SPS room, there are almost always friends there 24/7. I have my own table space, lots of free food opportunities, strategic location in Science Faculty, and the option to stay overnight to do work... or play.

What are your memorable moments in NUS?

1. The time when I fell in love.
2. All those overnight stays in SPS.
3. Being in the committee of NUS Buddhist Society and doing lots of work!
4. The two semesters when I overloaded seven and a half modules.

What are the unforgettable experiences you have in NUS Physics Department? 

1. Being in Physics Society Committee.
2. Doing a level 5 module, Quantum Information and Computation.
3. The Summer Exchange to London. 
4. Rushing for reports for the research modules, not the Experimental modules.

What are the things you want to do in NUS but didn't do?
Explore every single place, hidden rooms and corridors in NUS, for every campus. I haven't been to Bukit Timah campus! Or Duke NUS.

Do you have any message for your fellow graduating friends?
For all the good and bad times we had together, let us recall how they made us a more matured and better person. Let us use this university experience to learn and live a meaningful life.

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