Monday, May 12, 2008

Anugerah Belia Pendidikan

Yes you see it right. I'm nominated for the Anugerah Belia Pendidikan for 2008 and won! I'll be given the prize by the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself on the 15th of May in Stadium Bukit Jalir. The nomination was possible by the most gracious help from Mr. Wee from Malacca High School and Chester Chong and my sis, Ng Ching Siang for providing the photo of me. I hereby wish to express my deepest appreciation for their help and support. Thank you!

So after I got my holiday, it seems that a lot of things are starting to happen. I had just received the letter of offer from NUS and what a lot of things I had to think and do before entering NUS! For instance, on 24th of May in KL, there'll be a welcoming party for the ones that are going to NUS. One of my few regrets is that I'll miss some camps and orientations for the International Physics Olympiad. Ok so it's not exactly a regretful thing. Ha ha. In fact I'm proud of it! It seems that I'll have to rely on someone (Calvin) to take some important notes for me. Thanks in advance.

Oh ya I just finished Dark Cosmos and it's simply good, very good. Now I'm up-to-date on the latest development in Cosmology.

Here it is!