Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anugerah Belia Remaja Pendidikan

On 18th of May 2008, I attended the ending of the Minggu Belia Negara 2008. I arrived with my parents on 3:40p.m. and had not much difficulty to find where should we go. About 1 hour later, I first talked to Azali, the 21A in SPM boy. I asked for his contact first and we launched into talking. About 1 hour later, we were asked to sit in the left side of the stage. And we resumed talking until 7 p.m. when we are finally given our prize. Where the MC had mistaken our accomplishments. After that we had a free dinner and gone back at 7:40p.m.
Me and My parents here.
Azali was supposed to be first but
I got the prize first, after the MC said, here's our IPHO guy,(we switched places) with an outstanding 21As in SPM (we were confused) from Kedah (we switched again), let's welcome:
Ng Xin Zhao( then I just gone there, a bit sorry for taking Azali's accomplishments)

Here's Azali

We laughed at the mistake just now.

Our respective families.

We got: the glass thing, cert, A big fake RM 2000 cheque(British spelling) or check(USA), and the real one of course. Ha ha.

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