Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Full Report of my Biography in Accordance with the Anugerah Belia Remaja Pendidikan

I am Ng Xin Zhao, Ex-student of Malacca High School where I studied my form 6 and St. Francis Institution where I took my SPM. I won this prize mainly because of my contribution to Malaysia where I represented the country along with 4 others contestant in the 38th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Iran (don't worry, it's a beautiful peaceful country) in 2007.

I'm representing the country again this year for the 39th IPhO in Hanoi, Vietnam. I would like to use this opportunity to encourage students to come to form 6 for the chance to be selected to the training camps that starts around the beginning of the year. And I urge teachers to contact the Malaysian Institute of Physics for more details.

The International Science Olympiads really helps building your resume to Universities like the National University of Singapore(NUS) which I got admitted to. If you like to contact me for more information, look up my blog in I'm looking for a full scholarship to NUS so that I don't have to be bonded 3 years for signing the tuition grant of Singapore Government. I would greatly appreciate it if I am offered one before August 2008.

I'm also scored A in Further Maths (a subject which very few people take in STPM) , scored almost perfect on SAT 2, 11 straight As for SPM and a Mensa member.

This would have been out if I was in the news.

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