Friday, May 23, 2008

What kind of reader are you?

I'm a selective reader. I don't simply read every single book in the world. I did that before but now I am selective. Just how selective, let's find out.

  1. I don't read boring novels. If I hadn't read the Lords of the rings, I wouldn't had. Ya I read the extremely boring and thick book. Word by Word, even finished the foreword and introduction. It's a good thing I stopped after the climax, cause I can't bring myself to reading it again. ( maybe next time) So if there's any books like that, with a lot of descriptions and details so well, detailed that it takes a page to describe a thing in a very messy room, don't expect me to read it.
  2. I don't read novels with too much Christian or Islamic Influence in it. Novels that take the existence or non-existence of God as a matter of faith I can take. But Novels that forces the reader to accept the existence of God, that scares readers into it, that uses the concept dogmatically and shows that anyone who's a non-believer will suffer in the story.... that's the kind of novels I avoid. Of course, I tolerate Bruce Almighty and other like it since it's not a Christian/Islamic propaganda to expand their religion.
  3. I avoid novels with violence in sex and extreme sex, that is the whole book talks about the sexual activity from beginning to end. Novels with mild mentioning of sex is ok(unsuited for minors through but ok). Oh come on, don't act surprise here, most of the novels have minor scene of normal sex like most movies nowadays. (However, you don't see them in Star Wars, The Lord of the Ring, and harry potter, so it can be said that bestsellers normally don't include sex inside it.) Novels like Disclosure by Micheal Crichton which uses seduction as a important element in it's plot are acceptable.
  4. As to novels with too much military words and atmosphere, too much mindless and unnecessarily violence (which I think the author just throw it in just to express themselves and make the readers bore or disgust) I don't read too much of it.
  5. Now I don't avoid any other kind of books, I can read girls books, where the main character is a female doing whatever thing there is like house life (little women), or love or just plain little girls (Heidi) ya, ya those are classics and I read them in an abridged version. I can read magic and superheroes books too.
  6. But if you ask me the type of books I read most, it's Science Fiction. Arthur C Clarke caught me on and Murray Leinster brought be to Isaac Asimov. With Micheal Crichton standing in a special place. I find that books by them are very interesting and wouldn't turn away (almost) any books written by them.
  7. Now turning away from fiction, I also read non-fiction science, mostly those of popular science books like A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking. And perhaps it's not so worth it to mention since we all read it, but I read textbooks too. lol.
  8. Oh ya as a general rule, I don't read books with less than 200 pages and would prefer it if it is thicker. It's only a general rule, so I'm not banning myself to read simpler books too.
  9. Last but not least, I read Buddhism books. I just love the philosophy and psychology of Buddhism. Investigate first and then accept if you found it's true.
Ok so that's all about me, what about you?


mediocre said...

1. "I don't read boring novels. If I hadn't read the Lords of the rings, I wouldn't had."

I suppose "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers" are still acceptable. (The reinforcement of specter and trees sounds deux ex machina, though) But the second half of the final book ruins it all (Who will be interested to read 300+ page of epilogue)

2. "I don't read novels with too much Christian or Islamic Influence in it:

Chronicles of Narnia will suit the category well lol How about atheist book like "His Dark Material Trilogy"? That is the best trilogy I have ever read, though the author's other books is mediocre.

3."I also read non-fiction science, mostly those of popular science books like A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking"

That is another great book, though I admit I don't understand some parts. (Despite dozens of re-reading) Have you read his other work, "Universe in a Nutshell"? That is brilliant as well.

By the way, I am neither your classmate or acquaintance. I have merely seen you once, and request your blog url from someone who knows you out of curiosity...hope you don't mind about that. =)

kaixin said...

u seem to read a lot!!!
haha. interesting.

i think mine is more or less the same as yours. except that 200 page part.
is manga volumes included in the list? hmm..

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Wow, mediocre, Nice to know you, Hopefully we can be friends, how about leaving some contacts here?

Keith said...

I appreciate your fleshing out of what is, and what is not acceptable reading material.

I have a roommate and we read much the same stuff.

Many books on Buddhism, Taoism, Zen thinking, lingustics, and psychology mostly.

It is cool to have a roommate with such an excikting bookshelf...

mediocre said...

I believe you have seen me in the NUS welcome tea. Too bad I didn't have the chance to talk with you that day as I am busy inquiring about my course from my senior.

Regarding contact...sure, I hope we can be friend too! Do you use MSN account? Or do you prefer me to send you emails?

By the way, do you know Gavin?