Friday, October 31, 2008

Comments on a blog

I just commented on one of the Dark Knight blogs I've seen in order to find my Knowledge based Problem for my paper. Here's the blog.

I disagree that the movie is liberal or conservative. Because you can find examples of both in the movie.
Ok so I'm using Joker as the one that people don't like and anyone, anything to defy/stop the actions of the Joker is considered what is desired for the audiance to follow or is the message.
So using Lakoff 1999's model of Liberal and Conservative, He said that Liberals put moral empahty above moral strength, and conservative vice versa, I'll explain that the Dark Knight incoperates both Liberals and conservative views in it.

First, the batman is to be followed for opposing the Joker. So his methods are fight the criminals, sent them to jail. Hard on moral strength, especially on having to stop himself from killing the bad guys. this requires a lot of moral self-discipline. He stop the bad guys, put them to jail and that's it, like moral boundary and moral health, criminals belong in jail Dent said, "think of what you can do with the streets clean." and criminals among us can corrupt us. All of them are included as moral strength according to Lakoff's model, so The Dark Knight contains conservative elements.

As for liberals, there are instances where Batman stop short of killing, moral emphaty perhaps? And protecting Coleman Reese, it's helping people who need help, one of the strong points of moral emphaty. The people on broad the ships, they showed moral emphaty by not beliving in pure good/evil. They are prepared to believe in good. Moral emphaty basicly says that everyone is good initially and education is posible. Sorry can't think of any good points now.

Oh ya and the batmobile exploding, Bats is not stunned or want to give up after that, he is prepared for the possibility and purposely sacrifice his batmobile to save Dent. So another instance of moral emphaty, helping Dent (who needs help at that time).

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