Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I have done so far

I have so far been in NUS for 3 months. And at first I thought 1 sem is so short until a few weeks ago. So looking back at the things I've done, I am going to list them down so that I can appreciate just how busy I was back in this sem.

  • Register, done all the admin things in NUS, applied for financial aid, loans...etc.
  • Been with MSL friends. actually done a Sports Day Event althought it is hard for me, and although it didn't go as smoothly as it can be.
  • Been in Physics Society weekly meetings where we had organised a Mid-Autumn Celebration.
  • Been with the Buddhist Society where I've gone to Dharmma Circle for every Friday and been a Dharma friend.
  • Gone out a few times with MSL, Physoc, Friends, Personal, Relatives, NUSBS, USP, SPS.
  • Been to Changi Beach twice in 2 months.
  • Had a Camp. SPS Camp.
  • Done 8 Lab reports, 9 tutorials, lots of Mastering Physics.
  • Done 8 maths tutorials.
  • Presented papers 3 times in IS group.
  • Done 3 Experiments in 3 different fields of Science.
  • Learned MATLAB.
  • Skipped one Class Test, lost 25% out of one module.
  • Gone night cycling.
  • Constructing a Bridge.
  • Wrote 2 academic papers related to News and the Public.
  • Skipped almost all Physics Lectures
  • Stayed up all night lots more times than I had ever done before.
  • Doing one Project for researching How to cure Dizziness after Spinning.
  • Played and leveled up 4 levels in Adventure Quest.
  • Reached Highest level in Spore.
  • Watched lots of Batman/ Superhero cartoon, movies, series.
  • Read 9 books at least. Mostly fiction.
  • Attended lots of Welcome Teas.
Ok that's all I'll say but this list is not conclusive, there're lots of other things that I've done too. So see ya all.

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