Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes, I got no life! So what?

Week after week. Day after day. I stayed in SPS room. Thurdays, morning 10 to 12 I went to Maths Lecture, then rush on to USP writing till 2, then USP Foundations in Engin till 4 which by the way I just missed its class test because of forgetting to set my alarm clock. Never mind the 25%, I'm sure I can still score high in it. Then at 5, I go to the Physics Society Meeting, till 7. Then I ussually go to SPS room and join in the Thursday IS group. If I feel like it, I gone back early. Then I will make it to the 8 a.m. class on Friday. If not, then I just stay on till 3 or 5 in the morning and skip the classes. It's Physis by the way, so no worries.

Then come Friday, from 8 till 12 I got the Physics classes. then continuing on to Maths tutorial which by the way I skipped twice in a row already since it doesn't carry any weightage in the CAP. After that, I'm free to do bridge (done it for 2 weeks) and at 5 gone to YIH and prepare for the Dharma Circle in which I am one of the Dharma Friends. Then till 9 something...... I've gone back to PGP or SPS, depending whether I got some clothes to wash or not, then lepak till Saturday.........

Come Saturday, it's different for every week. For normal weeks(just once or twice), I just join in the Physics Journal Presentation at 1. Then it's Lab report time or Writing Draft time, or whatever that deadline's going to be next week. ussually I just do Mastering Physics with Adventure quest together. Took me quite a while to do so. Sometimes one whole day. Continue this to Sunday....... Whole day in SPS room mind you............ going out only to eat....... going back to PGP only to bath and sleep..... and sometimes wash clothes also no time..........

Come Monday. Same deal as Thursday but at 7 to 9, it's SPS Seminar. Before that, I still stay at SPS room. After the seminar, see if I finshed my lab report or not first, if not, like today, then I sleep in SPS room to meet the Tuesday 8 a.m. class which I skip the most, along with the friday one.

Tuesday is the most busy day you can say.... 8 to 12 lecture, 1-2tutorial, 2-5 lab, 6:30 -8:30 IS group. So whole day physics, end up with SPS. Then I finally got to go back to deciding whether to go back to PGP and go lead a "normal" life or stay up whole night cause I got a free day of Wednesday.

You guessed it, same deal as Sunday, I stay here all day, doing whatever stuff that's not done. Watching Batman the animated series, the Birds of Prey, the Dark Knight, or Ruby Lin movies while I'm at it. So long time staying in SPS room, low productivity. Finally, I still got time to read. Sci-fi.

So yes, I got no life, I don't hang out with friends just for fun, I don't remember the days I eat alone, my co-curricular is minimum, my involvement in USP is more minimal, and I'm just a SPSian, even if it is just an S/U module I'm taking this sem. So what?


mummy said...

yes! u are not alone ...... Buddha was a selfless, energetic, active , systematic and compassionate teacher .Great virtues to emulate ! we must not waste our life away idling , should be busy like Him serving manking .

mum said...

He meditated regularly but He also spent most of His time helping others to be free from suffeing . He taught the Dhamma to both monks and lay-people. At times the heavenly beings also come to ask Him questions. Unlike any other living beings the Buddha only slept two hour a day at night.