Sunday, October 12, 2008

Suffering Writing Module

Taking the Writing and Critical Thinking Module got me working on the draft for paper 2 this whole day and yesterday too. It's for lensing of Primary Source Text by using Secondary Source Texts. Something about the News and the Public. Definately lots of ideas that are wayyyyyy out of Maths and Physics. But they are close to logic, common sense and philosophy. It's social sciences. And that's the only tread that keeps me from totally lost in words that are "non-sensical" to me.

I mean anyone with some time on their hands can tell you about theories concerning media bias. Just look at my dreams and philosophy. It's producable by anyone but not everyone agrees with it. They are not science where the "truth" is reproducable and the assumptions are axioms that are well defined and agreed upon. So maybe that's why we have lensing to see unspoken assumptions of these authors of our Primary source text. Political assumptions mind you! American Politics. Well at least I finally see what is liberal and what is conservative. No one bothered to mention it to the non-American world what those mean when they keep on using it in their "international" movies that based sooooo bias upon American culture which they have the guts to say they don't have any.

In the paper, we are supposed to have a motive, but it's so pointless that the only reason I'm writing the paper is that it's graded and it's in my module. I mean who cares if someone's theory is right or wrong, who cares about american politics? I want my sleep when everyone else are sleeping. I want more time to do my other works. I want more time to hang out with friends. I want more time to do co-curricular activities. Instead, I am burdened with this.

Yes, I've been warned. USP means lots of writing. Ya, no kidding.
No, I'm not quiting, I'm not regreting. I'm simply complaining in my blog. Cause that's one of the uses of blogs.

I've learned too. I learned to be more sensitive about the media. To be more aware of politics. To have more respect for social theories. To be able to think and write critically. A lot more than I would have had I not came to this class. I've learned more that I bargained for. I have just expected to learn how to write in a special way. But I'ven't learn as much as I could have. So now, I'm going to concentrate more on this module. I'm going to something interesting for paper 3. I'm going to use The Dark Knight.

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