Thursday, February 28, 2008

The list of Sucessful candidates to the 2nd round.

Amir Aiman b. Md Hassan
Cheah Zhi Quan
Choo Kay Wei
Chow Chia Eu
Haziq Ramli
Kee Wee Siong
Lee Boon Siang
Liau Li Ming
Mah Shuk Ying
Muhammad Syafiq b. Johar
Muhd. Khairul Azri b. Zulkipli
Ng Xin Zhao
Nurul Ain bt. Azizan
Ooi Boon Teik
Phan Chow Fu
Raja Nuruk Yuhanis bt. Raja Abdul
Saw Siong Keat
Yong Ii Yang
IPHO 2nd Camp, 24 - 28 March 2008 at UKM
Study Hard you guys and gals and make Malaysia Proud!

Disclaimer: due to too many people asking me whether the following information is true or not, I wish to say that I dunno the true validity of the following information except that I can trust my aunt. My aunt who is a teacher told me that the dates of the release of SPM results is 12th of March 2008 and 15th March for STPM.
Disclaimer over.

Now for the old Franciscans, is a website to sign up on to. As for all my form 5 2005 classmates, remember to come to the 128th Anniversary Dinner on the 5th of April 2008 in SFI!

Now back to me. 2 days ago, I had joined the Buddhist Fellowship Dharma Sharing Class. It's a very nice class and it I had made some friends there. They thought Buddhism in Chinese and that's a good change to the previous way I learned Buddhism: in English. Tonight they had a Common Class where they invited a monk to give a talk.

About my room, I cleaned it up yesterday(finally) after my feet felt that they didn't cleaned it up as good as I wanted. Gonna vacuum it by next week. Now I am getting used to all those cold showers and walking to the common bathroom with nothing but a towel covering my underwear. But loneliness is still a thing to get used to. Especially at night. Don't get the wrong idea here mind you, I am a virgin! Ha ha just kidding.


Anonymous said...

Hi do you have any idea how cn i contact with khairul azri?
He is an old friend of mine and i cant seem to find any ways to contact with him back. Is he on any social network sites?


Ng Xin Zhao said...

Hi Anonymous,

Please give me a way to contact you. I got his email.