Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mid Valley twice in a row.

I went to Mid Valley at 5 p.m. on Monday to buy the things that I need the most.
1. Slippers
2. Mosquito mat
3. Suction Hanger
4. Plaster
5. Bathing gel
6. Bathmat

So goes my list. Going for dinner first (I had skipped lunch), I went and search the mall and found most of my things in Carrefour. A trip to MPH had taken almost an hour and 2 books are bought back to accompany me :
  • Rama Revealed by Arthur C. Clark and Gentry Lee
  • Next by Micheal Crichton
Yesterday I when back to Grandpa's Birthday Dinner. William and Jia Long were there too! And on the way back, I had to go for Mid Valley's KTM so, reaching at 11 something, I woke up late this morning.

By the way on the last weekend I when back to Malacca and finished up Dragon Ball GT. It's a really nice series, worth the buy I say.

Judging by the Accuracy of my predictions of SPM results coming out date, I'll say that STPM results will be out on the 15th of March 2008.

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sam said...

Haha. I can see that u've become an expert at using the public transport in KL.

So how are u finding life there??