Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Further Maths

I put in this post for 2 reasons: 1. someone wants to know more about how I scored an A in Further maths and 2. it's the essay for NTU scholarship application.

I was determined the master Further Mathematics T, and I had a tuition for that purpose. People heard that the subject is difficult, but it's not until they had a few glimpse into number theory that one by one, the size of the class reduced from a dozen to 6. I persisted. Studying 4 hours per week on it for one and a half year, I thought that I had mastered the subject, but in a simple trial exam, I had gotten only 76 marks(the highest amongst us) for paper 2 and a pitiful 28 marks(and the lowest) for paper 1. I really put in a lot of effort into it, revising the 3 inch thick notes, and timing myself on the limited past years papers.(about 5)

During the Examination period, the 6 of us gathered to revise each paper with me leading the discussion. I heard that there was only 40 students(the real figure is 57) taking Further Maths that year. And only the top 7%(3 people or so we thought) will be awarded A! That was dispiriting, but I said, I'll just have to be the top 3 person in the country!

As I sat for the first paper, I had to rush one question for 5 minutes during the last hour in the 3 hour, 12 question exam as I solved the harder ones first. After that, I felt like having sat for the longest, scariest roller coaster ride ever! And I was still shaking! Paper 2 however was quite easy, relative to paper 1.

So you'll agree that after tearing the envelope that contained my results open, I was, no still am, the proudest person alive. I had obtained an A for Further mathematics T!

P.S. Here's the materials to study if you do take the subject:


Sai Ling said...

hey~drop by ur blog..
may i ask u a question?why u will choose to take further math?interesting?
actually i'm a lower 6 student this year..still confuse whether wanna take this subject or not..
and..further math and add math in spm is totally different?
sounds so hard..>.<
i guess u are a brilliant student who can score A in this sub..haha..

Sai Ling said...

oh ya..hope to see ur reply soon..^^

Ng Xin Zhao said...

normal Maths in Form 6 is one step above add maths. and FM is to Normal Maths in form 6 much more than add maths is to normal maths in form 5. thanks for the praise. add me in msn.

Anonymous said...

superb. congrats although this was long long ago punya cerita!!