Sunday, March 30, 2008

2nd Camp

On the 2nd International Physics Olympiad Camp! There were 2 people, 1 from melaka, 1 from Penang who abandoned their chances to represent the country. Although it's a really unwise move, but I believe they have good reasons to do so.
So there are only 16 of us with me in KAB and the others in KKM. It's quite an adventure to them as they need to walk more than 30 minutes to reach the Physics Building whereas I only need 10. However I sense that they don't have much of an adventuring spirit. The camp presents nothing much new to me and Boon Teik, except for the polar coordinates.
After I have shown Boon Teik a walk to a shop to photocopy a book I have, he told me that this was the best camp.
Wednesday night I walked to KKM and shared rubiks cube fun with ZQ.
Thursday, The EXperimental EXAm! I did badly on the 1st experiment but I think the 2nd one is quite nice and I believe I have a unique method.
The Theory Exam was easy, except for the Jupiter Question.

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