Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Changes

After picking up my results, I only had time for a lunch with my friends before coming back to pack up for my family is moving to KL. And so, my farewell to the good old "new house" in Melaka that I had stayed in for 14 years. Not that it make any much difference, I'm in UKM for most of the time anyway.

After applying to NUS and NTU, and receiving the news of Caltech's rejection, I came back to UKM. I planned to help out in the Panggung Bodhi 2008 that UKM Buddhist Fellowship held every year.

However, coming back on Thursday, I found out that I had left my key in melaka! This naturally made me angry and desparate as I just took a 5 hour journey via bus, walking, rapid KL LRT, KTM and finally UKM bus here. Good thing I had good friends that allowed me to sleep in their room. I took the spare key on Friday and ignored their "return it in 5 minutes" policy. I returned it on Sunday and much to my relieve, they only charged me RM3. Of course I took back my keys on Saturday in the new KL house (thanks to Ching Siang and my parents) and had to rush back here to participate in the rehearsals. Now back in UKM on Monday, I still don't know what to apply for and which scholarships are going to expire in the next few days.

One more bad news before I sign out, MIT has just rejected me too, yesterday.

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kaixin said...

did u take SAT?
hmm... if u did take it, when did u take it?

do u know when is the best time to take sat 1 and sat 2?

just curious..

if u r free.. pls send the answer to my email.. thanks..

by the way, thanks for sharing your experience and tips!