Sunday, March 23, 2008


As I was saying... this is the Panggung Bodhi 2008 by UKM Buddhist Fellowship. The purpose of Panggung Bodhi is to expose the Public to the teachings of the Buddha. We had Sketches and dances performers to express ourselves. Our purpose is not of personal glory or your clapping, but to contribute to the world and plant a Bodhi seed in your hearts. I had the honour of becoming Siddhartha! I had to wear the clothes you see below.
This is also the first time I had make up, so it's a very unique experience for me, especially the hair that resembles 赌神.
I am very grateful for the UKM Buddhist Fellowship to let me be so an important character in one of the dances.
Ok Cheers! Panggung Bodhi was a great success and we are going to celebrate it on 3rd of April, Thursday. I hope to see all of UKM BF there.

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